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We are Working on Designing an Innovative Lifelong Program about Urban Gardening

In 2022/ 2023 Nordplus project “Urban Garden Specialist” partners Bulduru Dārzkopības vidusskola (Bulduri Horticultural School, Latvia), Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte (Riga Technical University, Latvia), B-Creative Association (Sweden), CLIL mācību centrs (CLIL Education Centre, Latvia), and VsI Center for Social Innovation (Lithuania) have been working on developing an 80-hour lifelong education programme “Urban Gardening” for adults.

The partners had regular meetings to agree on the format of materials, to plan the content, discuss methodology, the layout, and digital components of the newly designed materials. The partners have also discussed how to structure and disseminate information to ensure that all aims of the project are achieved.

The course is being designed collaboratively, with partners taking the lead in the field of their specialty.

The course is being designed in Moodle, a free and open-source learning management system. It is supposed that course materials will be used for running courses for adults. Some modules will be made public to ensure that everyone who is interested in the topic can use them for personal and professional development.

The course materials include:

  • PowerPoint presentations for learners and educators

  • Teacher Guidebooks which serve as curriculum implementation tools to support the teacher

  • Modules for Teachers, the materials which reveal the content and can be used by students who decide to acquire the course through independent studies in Moodle

  • Video lectures

Currently, the following materials are designed and placed in Moodle( project partners have access to the designed materials.Module 1 materials are available for free preview and use on the24 June 2022.

Find the Module 1 material samples below:

Links to PowerPoint presentation and Teacher Guidebook – will be available on the 24 June 2022.



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