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We Welcome You to our course!

Dear Teacher or Student, We are happy to announce that our course is ready!

All course materials were created within Nordplus Adult Project "Urban Garden Specialist" (NPAD-2021/10161). The aim was to develop an 80-hour lifelong education programme "Urban Gardening" for adults in 4 languages. The course was successfully developed. The content comprises of the modules on landscape planning and design, plant compatibility, sustainable use of land and urban green spaces, the history of the "parklet" concept and necessities for their construction. The programme is designed for implementation as an on-site, online or a hybrid (partially on-site, partially online programme). The programme is designed in English, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Swedish. The audience of the programme are adults with or without prior knowledge in the field. These can be young people or seniors who are eager to make their cities greener. The programme may also be interesting for people with disabilities. If you are interested in our course as a student or you would like to lead the course in your school, please contact us for further details!



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